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quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2015

Draw and Post it // 321 to 360!

These drawings are part of another project of mine, the For more than 2 years I posted there drawings made by me in post it notes and on this last Wednesday I reached the goal of the project, I got to 400 post it notes!

It was a long period and a project that unintentionally ended up being more than what I initially have imagined it could be. I used 25 pens, from many brands, actually, I want to write a post about the differences between the pens I tested. There was many hours of drawing, certainly more than a thousand, and a lot of things happened during this time.

The idea of the project was simple, it was just something to make go back do drawing again, after forgetting that is was so important to me for some years. Now it is finished, facing all that was done and in some sense "discovered", what is the next step? What happens now? Tell me! Tell me now!!

Well, let's just say it is happening already. I'm already drawing other things, using different techniques e materials, like pencil colors, markers and others.

Along with that, motivated by this same spirit of trying to build back what was important and forgotten, I manage to push me to write stories again and I wrote a great number of stories. They need to be finished and organized, but I can tell that I have there material for comic books, for illustrated books and other things combining writing and drawing and all these should start to happen as soon as possible. More about that I will talk later.

So, for now that is it. We reached the end of these adventure! Let's head for the next, me and all you imaginary folks out there not reading this (hahahahaha)!

You can click on the drawings to enlarge and on the videos to watch the speed drawings.

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