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sexta-feira, 17 de julho de 2015

We got to Pluto!

Ok, saying "we" may be a little like those people who jump on wagon of the deeds of others just to say that in some way they were part of the big thing of the moment that everybody is talking about, but in some sense it is true, after all in this global (and crazy) society that we live, we are all contributing somehow to everything in a immense chain reaction of chaos (*tears*). Any how, it doesn't matter! We got there! We have pictures! Once more we discovered that "our models were wrong" and we don't understand a bunch of tinny things of the whole thing of the things!

Just to give some context, the New Horizons mission flow by Pluto, it was the closest distance that a (human) spacecraft ever got to Pluto. Many data and imagens were collected and many more will arrive for a while. If you want to know more I suggest you go read things over the web, I'm sorry, I'm just an over excited stupid person with no so much time to write and read! (oh yeah! +10 points for sincerity!)

No more talk, here are some imagens I fond looking around. Take a look.

The first one is a gif comparing the image we had of Pluto using Hubble telescope and the one we have now after the New Horizons mission.

This other gif shows Pluto observed through the years, since 1930. You can find out more about the image aqui.

This other one shows Pluto and his biggest moon, Charon. It is a very big moon, one of the reasons Pluto is now called a dwarf planet. You can learn more about this image here.

This one I don't need to explain: It certainly a attack of Pluto and his moon against the planet Earth because we have annoyed then with our visit! We are doomed!!!! No... It is just a size comparison. To know more about this imagem click here.

This a picture of Charon. They haven't released nice pictures of the other moons yet. You may learn more clicking here.

And to close, a video of the scientists talking about things. On the YouTube channel from this video there are other videos of the mission you may like.

That is all. Too bad we haven't found yet a civilization that has the answer to why we are alive. Too bad.