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quarta-feira, 15 de julho de 2015

Satoru Iwata

Last Sunday Satoru Iwata passed away and even if you are one of those who doesn’t like videogames, or Nintendo, the ideas he defended and the things that he did in his last days as Nintendo president and along his carrier, caused influence and still will cause more influence in you in some way.

Many websites published very interesting stories about him, the things he did and said and about how different he was from all the others “presidents of big companies”, game related or not, that are around. I recommend this one from Kotaku.

It got my attention to see the progressions of things, where he came from, how he grew inside Nintendo, how he really dedicated his life to games. From programmer to president. There is something special on the posture Nintendo has and on the games that Nintendo does and all that was better and stronger during theses last years that Sr. Iwata was ahead of the company.

His story made me think about things, about the years that go and how hard it is to dedicate our life to something we do believe. Even more if we consider where we work. Even more if we have to make new things, going against the obvious, the already stablished images, convincing people of our vision and reaching results at the end. To see the life of someone like him and all the things that he did may shake up the way you deal with your life.

More over, it is curious to think about dedicate your life to create entertainment to other people. I think many people would say it is a waste of life, that there are much more important things to be done, problems do be solved and so on. There are tons of problems, yeah, but there is a huge value in creating something that make people go beyond of the simple reality od their days. Create experiences, adventures, moments, memories that can define people and give them de motivation to live and even solve that same so serious problems of the world.

I think Nintendo better than any other company in gaming understands it. They do understand that games can be something that anyone can enjoy and they don’t have to be utterly stupid like some random thing you click to have sparks on your screen, nor have to be about another middle aged man, with some left beard that goes from here to there killing things. I don’t think these other types of gaming are bad, but I do think it is pretty bad that these games are the main definition of the industry, of these art form, of this form of entertainment that can do much more, creating true life experiences like no other can.

Nintendo stands out from this common sense of the gaming industry not just because of its core values, but because of the leadership held by Mr. Iwata. He, the high executive of a gigantic company that understood that he didn’t had to take himself so serious. Puppets, bananas, joke about their own mistakes and simple values that can make the difference. On the commitment with the quality, on the public applogies, on the cuts of his own payment when necessary. On his competence at his works, in all that he achieved and the peoples lives he had influenced. This guy was a truly special one, please understand.

He will be greatly missed and his legacy will produce a lot.

Thanks for everything and a big hug, Mr. Iwata.