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sexta-feira, 27 de março de 2015

What if these games were old books?

You possibly already saw these drawings around the web, their creator is Ástor Alexandre. You can check more of his workd clicking here or you can buy things with his creations here.

It is funny how this idea if of re-imagine the universe makes sense in games, since, in a certain way, that is what happens whenever a new game of a series is launch, specially when it is launched for the first time in a new console.

In these attempts of drawing things and somehow get some attention it is a little bothering to notice how any fa art always get more attention than something original. Even with my own drawings, those with some reference to something that is already known are the ones with more views, likes, shares and so on.

So, the lesson to be learned (what?!?) is that if wanna get some attention, being it by drawing or even writing, consider doing some fan art along with your original work.