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quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2015

Super Mario Telephone

In a strange and of peculiar habits place called "the 80's", a Nintendo licensed something like this.

If it got your attention, it easy to find on in eBay. I Have fun looking at the information on the box, I imagine people in a room discussing like:

- What sorts of information we should put on the box to convince people to buy this wonder?
- I know! What if we talk about the mute and redial buttons, or de ringer and pulse tone switches?
- Great idea! And we should not forget to mention the ultra modern LED call indicator!

Then, at the other side of the table someone rises his hand and say:

- But... it is a Super Mario's telephone, these information are really relevant? Besides, why we have a blue and a red model? The pipes in the game are green, occasionally yellow, but never red and blue and... well, why Mario has a turnip in his hand? Who uses the telephone while holding a turnip on the other hand? What is going on here?!
- Fired! You out of here! You know nothing about pretty phones and turnips!