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quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2015

About this 2014

Another year ends. Even if it is more a psychological change than a real change, it is the end of a cycle and, before another one start, it is good to look back, trying to find a logic in all that had happened, trying to see the future.

I think I told it here already, maybe more than once (I don’t remember, I’m old, cof cof cof), this website started named Project Wetbthings, and it only had the webcomics I used to do. Then I started writing things and, after some time, life changed and I only had time to write. Since it was a place where I was talking about lots of different things and it was another crazy project, the website changed its name, still using the PW to become Project Webthings (*oh yeah, fireworks!*).

The website then remained only with written content, but I made many attempts to do comics again and I even initiated side projects that are rolling until today, like the everyday1music that remains strong and sound in its way to complete 2 thousand songs.

Looking back to 2014, the most recent project related to drawing, the Draw and post it (yes, now without the hyphen, so no one will notify me about how I’m using someones brand without authorization (yes, it happened and was solved just some time ago and now I can talk about it (and yes, it is a parenthesis, inside a parenthesis, inside a parenthesis, you better take a print screen of it, who knows when you may see one again!))), was a project a little different in the way it developed, generating many “collateral" results, specially in this last year.

If you ever watched one of the speed drawing videos (here you have all) you know that I don’t make much planning, I don’t do a initial sketch or something, I start and then I go. Drawing this way, I find the drawings, without a well defined concept, drawing in a flow of conscience. Sometimes I have an idea about what I’m going for, but even my commitment with these ideas and concepts is free to adapt as the drawing is formed. In the videos is possible to see how sometimes I just “change my mind” a long the way.

This mental exercise of letting the impulse to manifest, to let your subconscious to express and to communicate with it, is something that I have somehow lost. Maybe it is just my fault, but it is very true that this civilized modern world teaches us to kill it, to prevent from happening, to control it. “Act like this, don’t say what you think, want this, don’t want that, smile and wave”. As things came and suck us to a automatic life of responsibilities and “adaptationess” e unteaching us to communicate with ourselves, it is strange how it is easy to foget what we really like to do and who we really are

When this impulses are killed it is easy to find yourself lost, maybe walking with grand enthusiasm and energy but with no direction, without the right motivation, not knowing for sure what you like, what you really want, what in fact matters to you. It is easy in this cases to let yourself go by what the world around you scream as what is the right to do, to feel, to ask for, to think, to be, since the emptiness remains, since something in you keeps telling you something is wrong, that your routine, your days, the way you spend your hours, are not your path, as if something got lost on the way. You miss things you never lived or never had, you try things and nothing seems really good, or right, or not empty, nothing has the same feel it used to have when you were a child and you just knew what to do.

Because of the drawings and its communication with myself, I saw I was learning again to talk to me and it escaped to all the rest, opening my mind to things and directions I could not see or had forgotten.

One of this last year new projects was my attempt to have as my night job a "design studio” (yes, oh yes). That is why the website had less updates during the year and that is why the draw and post it had to be adapted to one drawing each 3 days. This attempt gave me de opportunity to do some small projects along the year related to webdesign, printed and non printed graphical material, consultancy in some web related matters, like twitter and other things, and, the most unexpected of all, the panel for that Intel event.

These project helped me to pay the bills, they gave me experience about doing things for real, about negotiation, price calculation, budget, printing and, more important than all, they allowed me to spend some money with something I like a lot and that was locked in a secret hidden chest and labeled:

“Theory of Conspiracy: All forms of entertainment is created with the objective of eating up your time so that you are not thinking or doing anything else. Until the right moment, don’t waste you time with it”

What is this thing? Well, is the thing I like som much that probably 70% or more of the content of this website is related to it: videogames.

Yes. Video Games.

I decided to buy a new console (a Wii U to be precise) and letting myself invest time and money with this is all related to this new “ability do communicate with myself” that came from drawing. In fact it is funny to see how the overall production of all that I do got better even if I had less time, since some of the daily time is saved to play games.

The great irony is to remember that I just started drawing when I was a kid because of videogames.

Actually, it opens a door to a flashback moment. Yeah. Take that!

*flashback noise*

I started to draw because drawing were a way create my own videogames.

More over, when I was a child I was always lying, but not in a bad way, like lye to hide things or something. My lies were about things that never happened or people that wasn’t real and things like that. Some of those stories were so absurd that is even comic to remember.

It was then just a matter of time until I combine the ability to lie with the drawings, learning that I could tell histories this way, and by doing that I learned that I could use it do a whole new world of things, that didn’t had to be related to games at all. So, I started thinking about doing comics, also because of videogames.

And to complete the combo, here at the website there is a tag called “Pieces of stories”, but it easily could be called “Ideas that I had to comics, but since I have no time to do, let’s just write and it’s fine”. That is why some of those stories are only conversations. So 2 - the return of So - writing also came from the desire of make games.

That is why games are the basis of all and are connected to all, but even so I was stupid enough to not notice it and to put it away.

*end of flashback noise*

Today, when one idea come up I can think about it and decide where it belongs. I can decide if it is game, a drawing, a comic, a text, or complete madness, a piece of crap, or a new project. Along the years I collected a long list of ideas that were never made real because of time, stupidity and unknown reasons. Every kind of ideas that are now screaming like never before “Make me be! Make me now, bitch!”.

This brings us to this very moment of now.

This website in these last times was limited to be a repetidor of things I find over the web. I don’t have any particular problem in doing it, but for this new year I wanna try something different, I want it here to be a place to talk about things, to tell things about the world, to react, to talk about the other projects. I want this place to be more like a “blog” and less like a “website”. I want it to be a complement to the other things I do and not a separated entity with pretensions to be “full of content website” or something like that.

I intent to keep publishing interesting things that I find, but I want to change the way it connects with the things I’m doing now and that I will do in a near future.

Still thinking about the future, the 400 post it notes project from Draw and Post it will be complete soon and the time that used to belong to it will be available to new things. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do, but I’m anxious with the possibilities.

And that is all for now gents, ladies, Your Honor, Jury members, spies and aliens watching and, occasionally, judging us all.

As always, at these times, I thank everyone who follow what we do, those who talk and those who don’t, the people who ask for more updates, more stories and that give likes on the drawings. It would be a lie to tell, or pretend, it is a gigantic group of people, but it would also be a lie to ignore that some people are in fact reading and following all this and the value it has.

A new wave is on the way. Welcome Mr. 2015, I believe this will be a very interesting year.