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quarta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2014

About being rich and about History

Learning where things came from and why they are this way they are, helps a lot this thing above you shoulder to understand your role in this (crazy) world. The origin story of some nation helps this nation to keep acting in a certain way, to keep seeing themselves in a certain way, to justify hate, arrogance and even pure and simple stupidity.

Imagine that you are a son of a bitch (as a curse, not literally, ok?), but a son of a b*tch with lots of money and a great desire to be even richer and richer, never minding about how many people you may need to step over to reach your goal.

You gonna have two problems:
1 - You need the money of many going to you, so you can be richer and richer, but nobody likes son of bitches, so, no one will be interested in giving you their money.
2 - No one likes to be left behind that some other people can win it all in a absurd unfair unequal manner.

What is the then solution?

It is simple. Imagine that you have enough money to finance the electoral campaign of politicians and also to influence them, pushing them to approve laws, points of view, commissions and editorial opinions.

But before that, if politicians are elected by people and if your money come from the people, before any political influence, you will need to create some influence on the opinion of the "common folks".

To do that you can invest in movies, news sources (every rich person has at least one news paper), TV series (if you own a TV station), songs (if you own a record label), bloggers (if you have no other option).

However, above all, the most important thing is to understand that nothing, nothing at all, offers more credibility and reaches more people than education. Corrupting education, corrupting science,  you corrupt everything in a way that is so powerful that it may give you nightmares. If you control the capacity people have to learn, offering a shit education, a education that defends and sustains points of views that you want people to have, and it is done. You will be a rich son of a bitch, richer and richer, not only you but all your children and grandchildren.

Making it simple:
1 - Invest money on the campaign of politicians that can be elected and can be corrupted
2 - Corrupt them, make them approve laws and measures that affect education
3 - Make people believe what you want then to believe, with entertainment and tendencious science
4 - Success! Throw a party to celebrate and continue electing people and controlling the common folk whenever you think it is necessary

That is how fake myths are created, that is how creationism go to schools, that is how Math, Physics, History, and all the other subjects, become boring and made hard do understand on propose, that is how promiscuous behavior is promoted, that is how you propagate compulsive consumerism, and that is how a bevy of millionaire sons of a bitch gets richer and richer while you who studied real hard, who does everything with great will and defend honest values, end up felling bad, after spending the sort money you have with something like a video game, convincing yourself you deserved a little bit of fun because things are "f*ckin stressing".

Despite the fact I have talked to much, the objective of this post was to talk about History, that is why up there at the start I talked about learning where things came from and why they are the way they are and how much power this information may have on the way our mind works. Since I'm not crazy (yet), let's get back to this point.

How can you know if a country acted wrongly if you are taught it acted right? How can you understand the true importance of certain decisions? How not to be a fool, alienated of the truth, and start building a world with less millionaires sons of a bitch and more justice and opportunities to everyone?

Lots of questions, with more than one right answer. However, to all of then, good History education is one of these answers, and, to that, one documentary in particular can help.

It is called "The untold History of USA", it tells the recent History of USA and it is worth watching because it tries to tell the facts not considering political parties views, its conclusions are based in real data, interviews with the people that were present at the facts, recordings in audio and video, news paper from the time and others. Surprisingly, or not, telling the facts in this manner changes a lot the common interpretations we are used to have about the Normandy landings, or about the motivation USA had to do certain things, or even the true character of certain presidents and many other things that may leave you saying "but.... but.... but....".

The documentary is about the History of USA, from 1900 to our times, but it is something that everyone should watch. No matter where you live in the world, you were affected and are affected by these facts, these names, by these people, much more than you can imagine. It is highly recommended, save some time and watch it.

Below you will find the first episode. The whole thing has 10 episodes (you can watch then here). Have fun.