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sexta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2014

A post-it notes panel to one event from Intel

At last September 24th and 25th in São Paulo, Brazil, Intel promoted the Intel Innovation Week event and among all the activities and presentations I had the opportunity to be a small part of the whole event creating to them a panel of post-it notes at the Coffee Station area.

The idea was to create a positioning matrix, so when all the post-its here placed they would form the intel logo and the logo of the event.

Firstly, here are some images from the setup day.

The blank panel, before we glue the positions matrix

On the right, my father (aka some sort of Macgyver, but better) and, on the left, the "chubby-hand-moving-as-if-knows-something", me

My sister also helped (hey, you, respect, ok?)

My father doing work and I pretending doing work (it's a lie) 

These written things are the colors that the post-it to that position should be. Why so many text? It is because I worte to each color its name in Portuguese, English, hexadecimal and RGB, to give you an example, the green ones had written "Verde, Lime, #00FF00, (0, 255, 0)".

Since I could not attend to the event, the photos below of the panel coming to life were collected in Instagram, tumblr and were also taken by our already known friend of the house Mr. Ezequiel França.

- I heard it will need 3 thousand post-its to complete this panel, I doubt it will be completed
- Yeah, girl, tell me about it

Little by little post-its are being placed

Little by little

Suddenly, something begins to form
Remember this one, it will come back later

This one deserves a special comment.  It is written "Carolina Barreto Silva, would you marry me?". I found that on Instagram, I don't know if it is truth, if a marriage really will happen from this, or whatever. But, we do have the next imagem, that perhaps is not from a actual couple, and if it is, there is no warranty that they have some connection to the message, however, although, even so,  bla bla bla, just for fun, let's all pretend it was real, that the the image below is from the couple of the message and they are going to get married. Just between us, ok? *wink

Oh look, the couple celebrating their future marriage! (Yeah, yes. *wink)

Almost complete

That image again, now with post-its all around it

Observe, there is a mustached man talking to a bunny. Of course.

This may be the last post-it being placed. Or maybe not.

The panel is completed! The girl cover her mouth, the fireworks explode, such emotion!

You can't hear it, but they are like "Yeaeyyy!!!"

Mission completed!

My favorite picture, the panel completed, among the people

Well, putting all the jokes aside for while it was a great experience. I had never done something so big with post-its, the panel was designed to have 2,4 meters height (around 8 feet) by 9 meters lenght (around 30 feet), with space to more than 3 thousand post-it notes.

Drawing using post-it notes is different than drawing on post-it notes, and it is always interesting to do these type of creations that depends of other people getting interested so the whole thing can work, unexpected things always come up, and I like the way the panel changes from something I designed, to be something part of the event, to then become something owned by the people with their messages and stories.