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sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2014

A walking origami robot

That is how it happened: I saw the news over the web, then I read about it and it all seemed very interesting to promote here, since robots are a recurrent subject here on the website and so on, but then I watched the video and then the video ended up here for another reason. Take a look.

It all looks interesting and ok, until the moment the robot starts walking. At the moment it starts shaking as a dancing queen, it is as if, suddenly, it all turned into a comedy video. Or, perhaps, it is just me being an asshole.

Seriously, such a interesting work and etc, that deserves to be promoted and all, they really could not make a better video? Of course, maybe it could just be a smart plan, part of a well elaborated theory of conspiracy to fool the fools of the whole world that they should never fear an army of wobbling robots that may one day ***attention to the wordplay*** shake the ground beneath our feet (ha!).

To know more about this study (ignore my jokes, it is worth), just click here.