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sexta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2014

A pen of 16 million colors

It gets the color of any object and let you use it in digital and physical format, combining inks the same way a printer does.

Take a look on the video.

So you liked, right? Well, it was not only you (and me!). The project achieved their goal in 5 hours! However, nevertheless, although, so on and on, all this attention also led to lots of questions and doubts. Kickstarter asked then a video to answer this questions, but since the time they had to post it was to small they decided cancel de project for a while.

They say they will return the project when all the material is prepared.

Let's hope it works fine, after all, despite being not so cheap of a pen, this is a technology (maybe alien technology) quite interesting, no?

To follow the news about the project, just click here.