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terça-feira, 13 de maio de 2014

Longplays and the ends of a Tetris

When I was a child (or "less childish", according to some), I watched TV a lot. That is why I got used to have that magical box always on in the room, even if it wasn't the first, or even the second, attention focus.

It may sound like crazy talk, but, maybe for some metaphysic reason (possibly elaborated by other crazy talking people), despite the fact I'm not watching what is on, it can't be anything. It has some "quality control", you see.

This way, as TV shows changed during the years, the TV still remained in the room with its screeny face, however, what was inside the TV started to come from other places, things like Netflix, YouTube and Twitch became more interesting (and healthier) options.

These days, one of the things I like to leave the TV playing is some videos from YouTube called longplays. In few words, they are videos of videogames, being played from start to finish, with no tricks to end the game faster and with no commentary talk over made by the person that was playing when the video was recorded. It is just the game, as if you were playing, except that you are not (?!).

It is not just the nostalgic feel, some platform or beat then up games like Final Fight and Double Dragon, or even RPGs like Zelda and Chrono Trigger, could easily be on TV, replacing some shows out there. It is undeniable, however, that it is specially more fun to watch a game you already played, even more if it is a game that brings you some good memories.

Right now, the number of longplays available is huge, there is a great chance to find any game you may think of. Just to give you a little push, since I do believe that anything that makes people watch less TV will certainly make the world a better place, of the many longplay channels, I recommend cubex55. Their videos are well recorded and they have different playlists to each game console.

The video below was chosen because it surprised me with the way it got my attention and how much engagement it could hold, much more than some sport events currently on TV I would dare do say.

It is a longplay to the version of Tetris launched to the Game Boy, back in 1989, and until this video I never knew that Tetris had and end (in fact, more than one). The video lasts 1 hour and, as I said, the idea is to let it play while you do something else, however, nothing stops you from watch it the way you want, or, who knows, let it rolling in a TV at the next party you throw. Have fun.