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segunda-feira, 7 de abril de 2014

One Chance

When a video game tells a story, you are not a passive watcher, you are part of what is going on. So, when a game is well made, after playing, something of the experience stays with you.

It can be something simple and direct like a lesson of courage when you have to fight and kill a monster three times your size with a half of a heart left, or it can be something more complex, that may not relate to your real life, but that can change you as a person.

Walking through the web, I found this game called One Chance, produced by the guys from Awkward Silence Games. It is a flash game, it’s free, lasts about 10 minutes, tells a story that succeeds in giving a emotional experience and it is a game that allows you to play only once (as the title may suggest).

On the game, your are Doctor John Pilgrim, the head of a group of scientists who just discovered the cure to cancer, but, for some unknown reason, the treatment goes wrong and in 6 days every living cell on the planet will die. It is then up to you to chose what you gonna do in these last days, as situations and choices are presented. Each decision has consequences and takes the story to different places.

This concept of only letting you play once, in theory, helps to give more weight to your choices and to the experience as a whole. However, reaching the end of this game, exactly because of the story was told so well with meaningful closures, at least to me, there was a wish to know what else could have happened, or in which other ways the story could have ended, or if the story I made was the happiest, the fairest, or the worst of all.

With that said, if, after playing, you get such thoughts, fear not. It is very easy to walk around the single play block of the game:

1 - Finish the game (yeah, you knew this part, hehehe)
2 - Reload the page
3 - Click Play
4 - Click with the left mouse button and the menu that will pop open and click in "Settings”
5 - In the tinny window that will open, click on the tab with a folder as icon, it is called “Local storage”
6 - Click and drag the marker to the extreme left of the line
7 - Click “ok” and the “close”
8 - Reload the page and you are ready to go o/

The arrow keys move the character and the space bar is used to all the interactions. To play just click on the image below. Have fun.