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quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2014

Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Guard and penguin

Oh well, it may sound crazy, but it's true. The name of the distinct and capable of notorious wondering walk creature is Nils Olav and, in August 15 of 2008, the king from Norway, Harald V, granted him his titles and rights. The video below shows the ceremony.

I have my doubts if this sort of thing:

a) Is based in some heavy logic and somehow it indeed helps and promotes something.
b) Proves that all over the planet we have old crazy people with money, influence and free time.
c) Show evidence that some people really have no better concerns in life.
d) It is just some attempt to entertain/confuse the aliens watching us from above.
e) All the previous answers combined in a *epic scheme*.

In any case, if you wanna know more about Sir Nils Olav, just click here.