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quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2014

5 thousand years in 5 minutes of maps

The video below shows changes in borders of countries and cultures in Europe from 3000 BC to 2013 AD.

It will probably be more fun to those who like historical things, but, even so, it is interesting to see the way it shows that so many things happen and that there are so many cultures that is possible to watch the whole video (maybe more than once) paying attention to just a small region of the map each time.

Oh, and this video is certainly one of those that is better to watch in full screen.

I think it is curious that, as the video gets closer to our time, the information we have about different cultures and borders jumps very high. It is certain that it doesn't mean that in the past there were less cultures and borders. To finish with a crazy talk, let's just say that certain periods of History will only be truly studied with a time machine, right?