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domingo, 9 de fevereiro de 2014

Solar wind sonification

Sonification is a science that has as objective transform physical phenomena into sound.

To give one example, do you know that "pi... pi... pi..." sound that those machines which monitor the heart beat of a person do? Well, the heart beat is a event that repeats it self within time, as a cycle. Any cycle can be expressed as a waveform and any waveform can be transformed in sound, in this case, this "pi... pi... pi..." sound.

Saying it in few words, the challenge of the folks working with Sonification is to find patterns, observe how they behave and assign sounds to each of them, helping the mammal human head to have a more familiar comprehension of an event.

Robert Alexander is one of the main names in this area and works these days at NASA. He dedicates his time to the effort of transforming things from Space into sound.

The video below is one of his works and shows a sound constructed from the movements of our Sun. I also gives a good explanation on how this was made. Check it out.

I think it is interesting to notice how the sound reminds the sound of some kind of ocean, what makes some sense, if we look to the way the surface of the Sun moves. Yet, I can't denny that I wish I could see different interpretations of these patterns, with other instruments being assigned to each movement, for no particular reason really, is just that something tells me that the Sun can be, let's say, more rock and roll, right?

If you wanna more about the work of Mr. Alexander and learn how this type of study is already offering new ways of understanding de Sun, I strongly recommend you to watch this other video too.