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terça-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2014

Did you ever heard about Gallium?

It wasn't my Chemistry classes at school, neither the episodes from Beakman's World, it was the internet, yes, that one, that made me learn about the metal from the videos below. It's called Gallium, it can melt with the heat from your hand (or something around 30º C/85 F, if you prefer) and, unlike mercury, it won't make you crazy from touching it.

Another interesting thing is that this metal can infiltrates into the structure of other materials, specially aluminum, transforming a rigid structure into something that can be destroyed as if it was made of paper.

Check the videos and if after watching them you feel like buying some Gallium yourself, this website sells and ships it worldwide.

Definitely, something to put on your bag next time you go time travel to the past, right?

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