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sexta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2013

White blood cell chasing and engulfing bacteria

The video below was recorded in the 50's by David Rogers, Vanderbilt University, in USA, and it shows a white blood cell chasing, cornering and engulfing a bacteria. Take a look.

I'm always very impressed by these videos showing microscopic things that composes and causes direct influence on the way our body works, but that are completely invisible to us.

I'm even more impressed with the way the little thing behave, not knowing it is part of something bigger, that it has the responsibility to protect protect a body a million times bigger than its own. It behaves as if it was a single living creature, going through its life, following its instincts, completely clueless about the whole.

It makes me think if it is not the same with us.

Philosophical issues aside, if you wanna know more about the video, just click here.