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terça-feira, 1 de outubro de 2013

Which movie has the higher number of deaths?

With the exception of a small group of people, that certainly is bigger than we imagine, everyone knows that movies are not real. And that include and excludes some documentaries, if you know what I mean.

The fact is that even if it is all a big lie, movies can cause emotions, influences and, in some cases, even death (many times related to disappointment). For this reason, there is a great concern about the content of movies, specially about the bad influences a movie can produce.

The website maybe a useful tool in this "quest".

As the name suggests, the website is a database of the number of deaths/kills portrayed in movies. The image below shows the Top 20 of the movies with the higher numbers of deaths accordantly to their database, but if you wanna more, on their website they have a Top 100.

Since 2009 the website is no longer update, but, as mentioned, since this topic can steal the good sleep of a great number of people, the community of the website keep it alive through their forums.

Being it just to lose some time, to use it to start some conversation later, or who knows whatever, just click here to visit the website or here to visit their forums.