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quarta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2013

Internet bandwidth usage

The legend tells, based in studies made by a great number of wise and meticulous people, that 40% of the worldwide population are connected to the internet. It means that almost 4 million people are using the web to do many useful and useless things. But what all this people are really doing?

At the website of the network security company Palo Alto Networks it is possible to check the bandwidth usage all over the web.

Just to give you one idea, I selected some known websites and services:

- 5,66% of all access are related to YouTube
- 3,35% are related to file transfers using bittorrent
- 1,32% to transfers using FTP
- 1,13% to Facebook
- 0,85% to Netflix
- 0,30% to Skype
- 0,22% to Gmail
- 0,17% to Valve’s Steam
- 0,16% to Tumblr
- 0,11% to Twitter

To know more and maybe explore all their data, just click here.