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segunda-feira, 21 de outubro de 2013

Draw and Post-it // 91 to 120!

If you have no idea what these drawings are all about, they are part of another project of mine, the, and at each 30 new drawings posted there I made a post here with the intention, perhaps naive, that someone would be interested, or find it is worth for something, or at least get some distraction for a couple of minutes even if it is to say “oh no, oh no, the minutes we lose never come back”. To know more about the project just read what is after the drawings at the end of the post.

You can click in any drawing to enlarge.

If you follow the website over there you know already that I have changed the publication schedule from 1 drawing each day to 1 drawing each 2 days.

With this new schedule I will be able to set up things better here in Project Webtings, posting with more regularity, I will also have time to write stories once again, to dedicate myself to some other things and, who knows, even sleep from time to time, yes?

During these last 30 drawings, specially because of lack of free time and our commitment with quality (or with being a whiny perfectionist), I ended up making just one Speed Drawing video and once more failed in starting to use Twitter and Instagram to post extra pictures. Now with this new organization, I hope I will have time to make the videos and to finally start all this the way I wanna do it.

Finally, I also wanna say that things were not just problems, well, well. During this time, I made tests to enlarge and print in poster format some drawings and I believe I've reached some very good results, as you can see on the image below. So, soon, you, illustrious person, will be able to get, through reasonable prices, the drawing that your eyes enjoy the most to put it in big size on your own wall.

And that is all for now. Don’t forget to visit the website and soon I will be back with another 30 drawings.