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sexta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2013

Draw and Post-it update! -- 30 more drawings!

If you have no idea what these crazy drawings are all about, they part of another project of mine, created to make me go back drawing, a website where a post everyday one draw I made in a post-it, the Then, with the intent of promoting what I have done over there, at each 30 new drawings I do this post over here.

Last time I explained that the idea of doing one drawing everyday using post-its was because the small size of the post-it would not consume much time to make and so on. One thing that I forgot to mention is that, unlike everyday1music, which has no date to end, in the website you can see that all the drawing have the tag #400post-its-project, so, this one has a defined end. In fact, I must say that the name of website was created considering megalomaniac objectives (of course), so, it is a word play with draw and post something, this way, in a long term I do wanna post other types of drawings there, not related with post-its, maybe publish again the webcomics, or make new things, I still don't know.

To the next 30 drawings I want to be even more megalomaniac, promoting more the website. I will create a YouTube channel, to show the drawings and also to make that speed draw videos, speaking of which I have already recorded the first one and it should be published soon. I also wanna publish extra pictures, not only the ones of drawings already concluded, in things like Instagram and Twitter. Wait for it, then.

That's all for now, please visit the website and if you like what you see, please share it with your friends, enemies, cats, dogs and intellectual hamsters. I will be forever glad. Really.