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terça-feira, 30 de julho de 2013

The pale blue dot updated

Back in 1990 the spacecraft Voyager 1 was used to take a picture showing the Earth as seen from Saturn. What could be seen, from that far away distance, was just a pale blue dot, giving a very strong notion about our size in this universe, despite the ego and mysteries of others. The picture had huge repercussion at that time and in the end of the post there is a video with a text from Carl Sagan that in my opinion of a random guy from internet, you definitely should watch.

Well, last week, some folks from NASA had the opportunity to take a similar picture, this time with the spacecraft Cassini, that among many things, has a much better camera.

Being honest, I believe that the two images only have impact if you take a time to think about what they show, after all, with all the rush and routine of the days, it is easy to forget that we are in a small ball floating in the middle of nothing to an extend that when we see these images, it takes tome time to understand that this blue dot is us and all our worries, desires and revenues are much smaller than we imagine. Once more, I strongly recommend you to watch the video, it helps a lot to create this impact.

About the images, when I searched for the 1990 original image to put it here, it had so much noise that I couldn't resist and I cleaned it. Oh and if you like the result, don't thank me, thank Adobe Lightroom, that software can really make magic sometimes. In case you are wondering, what about the purist inside all of us that want the original image, you will find both images below.

And now, here is the video you should watch (yes, that one I already told you to watch two times, three times now) and the pictures. Have fun and be careful not to have nightmares.

1990 original image

1990 image, cleaned ( :D )

2013 image, the brightest point is Earth
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