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sexta-feira, 12 de julho de 2013

Draw and post-it

Diogo César, from Brazil, always liked to draw and during sometime in his life he indeed dedicated himself to it, he even created webcomics, short comics and other things. But, life, this magical box of surprises that not only surprises people with responsibilities and chance, but above all the necessity of money, made him reduce more and more the drawing time in his days.

It was then, that in a Tuesday night, about 2 months ago, when he had one idea, inspired by his music website where a single song is posted each day: what if there was a website where he had to post one draw everyday? The idea seemed good, however, it needed something else, something to make it more simple, more direct, more... feasible. Then, the idea of the paper came up, what if the paper was smaller, like a post-it?

It not only had the proper size, post-its also had colors, allowing to draw only in black, demanding less time to complete the whole thing. was born.

Leaving the jokes aside, ladies and gentleman, yes, here is another website of mine and in a similar way I do with the everyday1music, I will come here at every 30 drawings, to show all the things I have been doing over there. More about the project I will tell some other time, for now, please take a look, comment, visit and tell me if you feel like buying some of them (hahahaha).

You can check the first 30 drawings below. Enjoy.