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quarta-feira, 17 de julho de 2013

Coffee shop sound

If you like to do anything with the sound of rain, it is very likely that you already know about the many sites and app to smartphones and tablets dedicated specific to it, we even talked about one of these websites here once. But, if the sound of rain is to depressive to you, or if it simply is not what you want, what about the sound of a coffee shop?

The website offers exactly that.

They even tell a story about a research that shows that too much silence, or too much noise, are not ideal conditions to sparkle your creativity, the sweet spot is moderate noise, with variations of sound, that offers you a social environment, so you won't feel lonely, that is comfortable, so you feel comfy, and with privacy, so you don't have the feeling people are observing you.

Truth, lie, legend, or myth? Click on the image, visit the website, put your headphones on and find out.