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quarta-feira, 26 de junho de 2013

Wanna try to make some impossible cosplays?

There are people who thinks the design of the characters of japanese animes and games are a little, let's say... exaggerated, because of the clothes, weapons, acessories (and hair styles) that simply seem to be impossible to exist in real life. If you are a proud member of this group, the website, made by Ryo (that's how he signs), from Japan, may change your mind.

The website is a register of all works of cosplay made by this former system engineer that one day decided to make a Legolas costume, changing his life forever and ever *trumpets*.

At the website each cosplay is explained step by step, how to make, which material is necessary to buy and so on, and there all sorts of things, from swords to complete armor. It is all written in Japanese and in English and, even if there is no chance for you to try to build up something like these, it is worth to visit. Just for fun.