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quarta-feira, 29 de maio de 2013

Free Music Archive

The website Free Music Archive, as the name already tells, offers a great number of songs that can be used without the risk of becoming one of those "terrible people who uses music of another people without permission and bla bla bla".

To find a background song to some video, podcast, maybe create a remix, or just lose sometime, they have lots of genres of music, including old stuff, like things recorded in 1911, and music composed by new artists trying to promote their work. The website also has a section dedicated to non musical audio, with interviews and stand-ups, the same way, with old and new stuff, and just to give you one idea of what you may find there, you can click here to listen to some sort of stand-up, from 1913, about a guy, his wife and their 5 dogs.

To visit the website and check everything they have, just click on the image.