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segunda-feira, 8 de abril de 2013

Last month in

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Last month in, now only in text format!

This time I wanna say that this post we do with everything that was up over there in the website during the last month will no longer be published at the first weekend of the month. Starting on the next edition, we will now publish it at the 10th day of the next month. So, our next edition, showing all the songs of April, will happen in May 10th.

And before I go, I also wanna say, of course, as always, that, if you know about a band or a song you think could be there, or if you have yourself a band or a song you think should be there, please send me the links, like our facebook page or simply follow us on twitter, I will check it all, and maybe next month your song can be there.

And now, here is everything that was on last month in Just click a song to listen.

Mar.01 - ♫ The Thermals - Not Like Any Other Feeling  5th most heard 
Mar.02 - ∩♪ The Hundred In The Hands - Ghosts
Mar.03 - ♫ Lawrence Arabia - Early Kneecappings
Mar.04 - ♬ Graveyard Johnnys - Cherylene  3rd most heard 
Mar.05 - ♫ Suede - The Drowners
Mar.06 - ♫ ParanoiKa - Another Chance (triphop version)  4th most heard 
Mar.07 - ♫ Charlie Brown Jr. - Só os loucos sabem
Mar.08 - ♬ Teenage Bottlerocket - Done with Love
Mar.09 - ♫ Work Drugs - Rad Racer
Mar.10 - ⤦♪ Alberta Cross - Lay Down
Mar.11 - ♪ Lou Doillon - I.C.U.
Mar.12 - ⌂♪ JJAMZ - You were my home
Mar.13 - ☀♬ Richard Hawley - She Brings the Sunlight
Mar.14 - ♫ The Constellations - We're Here To Save The Day
Mar.15 - ♬ Las Pipas de la Paz - Dance on Fire  The most heard 
Mar.16 - ♫ Tiger! Tiger! - Cut Them Where They Bleed
Mar.17 - ⚛♪ Norman Burns - Blue Atoms
Mar.18 - ↑♪ I SAID YES - Follow On
Mar.19 - ♫ Paul McCartney - Maybe I'm Amazed
Mar.20 - ♫ Local H - Nothing Special
Mar.21 - ♥♬ Halestorm - Love Bites (So Do I)
Mar.22 - ♫ Graham Coxon - Standing On My Own Again
Mar.23 - ♬ CHVRCHES - Lies
Mar.24 - ⌚♪ Yasunori Mitsuda - Scars of Time (Chrono Cross OST)
Mar.25 - ♫ Frank Black - In the time of my ruin
Mar.26 - ♫ Tilly And The Wall - A Perfect Fit
Mar.27 - ♫ Eternal Summers - Wonder
Mar.28 - ♪ Proud Mary - Ocean Park  2nd most heard 
Mar.29 - ♬ Hot Panda - The Ghost
Mar.30 - ⚕♪ Spiral Beach - Raising The Snake
Mar.31 - ∿♪ The Cave Singers - Faze Wave