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terça-feira, 5 de março de 2013

Last month in

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Last month in, now only in text format.

This is a special edition, a double edition, with all the songs featured in the website during January and February. I decided to do this as a test, so let's see how this will work out, yes?

If you had time to visit us there, you already know we have a new visual, giving now more attention to the idea of one song being featured each day. The page is also loading much faster (14 times faster to give you numbers), since we don't have all that embed video together at once.

I have also added a menu in the sidebar, similar to this one we are using here in Project Webthings, and a jump menu that you can use to go to any song featured in the website in these 3 years of everyday1music, picking by day. Just to give one example, if you wanna know which song was up in March 20th, in 2011, you simply click, roll until this day and go. As simple as this.

Other thing that is worth to mention is the random button, something people were asking for sometime, it is in the right up corner and you just have to click and it will ramdonly pick a song from all the songs we featured (just like a random button should work, after all hehehe)

Before I go, I just wanna give the message I always give, which is: if you know about a band or a song you think could be there, or if you have yourself a band or a song you think should be there, please send me the links, like our facebook page or simply follow us on twitter, I will check it all, and maybe next month your song can be there.

And now, no more talk, here is everything that was on in the last two months in Just click a song to hear.


feb.08 - ♫ IT GIRL - Firelight  The most heard 
feb.20 - ♪ Magic Man - Paris  2nd most heard