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segunda-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2012

World superhero registry

Many movies talk about normal people that, inspired by comic book super heroes, the problems of the world and little madness, decide to become real super heroes. Well, you should know that this happens in real life as well.

The website, as the name suggests, has a register of a great number of superheroes spread over the world.

In the register of every hero you will find:

1 - Category, telling if the hero fights crimes, if does only social service, or if he is, let say, a paranormal (what? why not?)
2 - Activity level, tells if the hero is active at the moment and if ws confirmed appearing in some media
3 - Identity, which may be or may not be secret
4 - Arch Enemy, if there is one
5 - Region where acts
6 - If the hero is part of a super group

The website, plus to the registry also have tutorials of how to make you own super hero clothes, weapons and all you may need, however, if you prefer, there is contacts of people who can make the whole thing to you.

Clicking around in the website, checking super hero profiles and all, there seems to be be people that understand the idea of the symbol, that focused in doing public presentations, speeches an so forth, using the figure of the hero to inspire.

But, I have to say, in my humble and pointless “internet guy” opinion, that most of the people over there seems to truly believe to be in comic book world, some even give histories about their super powers. I even saw some discussions between some of “the heroes”, that reminded me a lot those discussions in videogame boards, if you know what I mean, debating different opinions about “how to be a superhero”.

Well, and this was just the opinion of the “internet guy”, the super hero that writes useless things about the world, from time to time *hands in my waist, looking sharply to the horizon*

Just click on the image to visit the website.