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quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2012

Wanna see a notebook that belonged to Isaac Newton?

You know that Isaac Newton guy? Big eyes, long gray hair, lived long time ago and talked about things like gravity, and movement of planets and things? Well, before he discovers all that, just like you, he went to school and in school he had a notebook (the one with paper, before you think, ‘kay?).

Cambridge University, in England, digitalized and published online, free for all, one of the notebooks used by him between 1661 and 1665.

It is interesting to notice the organization of ideas and even if you have no patience at all to read it, his hand written sure doesn’t help, yes, and he also writes in latin and greek, the images certainly can give you a nice desktop wallpaper. Ok, no, let’s finish it in a more philosophical mood, and if you are one of those who hates it, no problem you simply can stop reading in 3, 2, 1, bye.

To you who continued reading, well, you must know that you are a better person than those who didn’t, ok? hahahaha, no, seriously, is just curious to notice the history of the notebook, of these papers and how in the day it was all written, Newton could never imagine that one day they would be digitalized, published in something called internet and that ideas and papers could then survive much time after their author and having all the importance they have to the society of today. So, in short therms, be careful with all that things you are writing here and there. Fuck, I finished with a little joke again.

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