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segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2012

The 1st dear diary to be published

People are weird and full of things. Yes, they are, don't come with this social acceptable definitions that people are all perfect, fabulous and the only difference between man and woman is that woman have a pretty pink ribbon on top of their heads. In fact, people have being weird since always. One of the many traces of weirdness of people along the years is something known as "diary".

As the name says, a diary is something that happens everyday and in this case, it is about notebooks, or something like it, that people use to register whatever happens with them. In other words, is like talking to yourself, about yourself, except that this is way no one will think you are crazy and we could also say it is considerably less noisy.

History talks about diaries being mentioned since 900 AC, all over the world, from old China to the Roman Empire, and I think it is pretty safe to imagine that it didn't take long after the invention of writing to someone start a diary, since the weird human creature always believes that its own life is the most interesting and impressive thing to be known and promoted. Hi, Facebook, how are you?

There are many types of diaries, dream diaries, trip diaries, thoughts diaries, ideas to kill people that you hate diaries (why not?) and many more. During the years diaries were published and they have become a important piece in the understanding of the personality of certain people and most of all they have become a important window to the past, offering unique visions of other times and other realities, the diary of Anne Frank is probably the most famous in this category. And speaking of this, that well fed mister from the picture is Samuel Pepys, the author of the first diary to be published ever.

Mr. Pepys wrote from 1660 to 1669, describing not only things about the routine, uncertainties and so on of a person of that time, but also the experience he had during some important Historical events, like the days of the Plague in London.

This diary is already under public domain, so, you are free to download it for free and maybe experience a Historical vision of the middle age in England that perhaps any other book would give you.

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