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quarta-feira, 18 de julho de 2012

What Google says about that companies?

Continuing with our series of posts which tries to discover what people think, using for that the auto complete function from Google, this time, as you may already know by the title, I tried to discover what people search when searching about companies. Once again I tried to collect the most weird, interesting and relevant results, not necessarily in this order, yes?

About these results, I could see that people worry much more than I expected about from which country a company is, if the company is dying or not and if the company is evil. It is also funny to find out that lots of people worry if LG is Pac-man and if Coke is an effective spermicide (yeah).

If you forgot, or if you didn't had the opportunity to check the other posts of the series, the auto complete from Google is that mysterious window that pop-up when you are typing what you wanna search, suggesting what you may be willing to type.

This suggestions are based in what other people before you have searched when they typed what you already wrote. In other words, using this function we can find out about what people think about a subject.

So far we had 4 editions:
What Google says about that people from those countries?

Take a look at the results, comment if you fell like, and wait 'cause soon I will be back with another subject in our amazing journey inside the head of people using Google. Have fun.

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