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quinta-feira, 5 de julho de 2012

NES cartridges

The images below are from the website 72pins. They sell these NES cartridges created imagining how would be the NES cartridges of modern games, or movie and TV series adaptations, if they were once launched to the NES. They use real cartridges, which means the cartridges do have some random game inside that you even can play if you happen do have a NES still alive.

They also offer a option to make your own cartridge, with that image you always dreamed of and than you can maybe use it not only as a nostalgic toy for adults (yes, it is), but as they suggest, an eccentric business card, or maybe a invitation to something. At their website they show an example of a marriage invitation, which the image you also can find in the images below.

If you are interested in buying one, they ship all over the world.

I just can't avoid wonder what may have gone through the minds of the grandparents, of the couple who decided to make their marriage invitation this way, when they received this piece of gray plastic. Can you?

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