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sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2012

What about going to Mars and never come back?

In case you got the impression that all this is a little suspect, since the video does look like a viral to promote some crazy sci-fi movie, even more with this detail where the money to the project will come from a interplanetary reality show and the fact that the people that accept to participate will never return, as far as I could find, all this is really true.

Well, it is nice to know now we can say "we are living in the future", since this thing about space travel under the command of private corporations with the financing of a TV reality show could very well be the plot of a 80's movie talking "about the future", right?

Putting the jokes aside, I think this could be very interesting and I will definitely follow it closely.

To know more and maybe start your packing, take a look at their website, in the links down below.

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