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quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2012

New touch screen with buttons

The video above was made by Tactus Technology and shows one possible new generation of touch screens which will offer the possibility of buttons rising of the screen, wherever they are needed, in the shape and size they are needed and at any time.
The world of technological rumors and speculations is talking about this kind of technology being tested for while, more than once there was even patents from Apple about this technologies being public.
It may be still a bit early to imagine all the possibilities that this new kind of touch screen will bring, but at the Tactus's website they have some interesting ideas going beyond cellphones, showing this technology in remote controllers, dashboards of cars and more. I think it is very interesting the number of possibilities of design that are open, specially when they succeed in using this touch interface with transparent screens.
The company promises the first products with this new touch screens to the second semester of 2013, so, in other words, considering the LEAP, if the world doesn't end in December, next year may very well be a great year to new technological interfaces, right?
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