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sábado, 23 de junho de 2012

Home compass

The compass above was designed by Bobby Petersen and it doesn't point north, or the location of a cursed treasure, but it could if you wanted.

This compass points to a place you have visited and then set that place as your "home". You can choose your own home, sure, but there is nothing to stop you if want to set as your home a place that you like, a home that is not yours, your favorite cookie store, or whatever comes to your mind.

I like this idea of playing with the concept of where is the place you feel like your home and then play with this idea of taking it with you, pointing all the time to the direction where that place you picked as your home is. Human psychology is weird and it is funny how different it can be if you have something with you that reminds you that  this place you have in your mind and which is important to you for some reason is not just something in your head, it is real.

I know that any smartphone with GPS have at least 20 apps that will do this same thing of pointing to a place you chose, but for one of those strange reasons that makes more interesting these objects combining retro style with technology, but in a way the technology does not seems to be there, like this thing of having in your hand a compass that look like a normal compass and then seeing this behaving as something technological, it sounds to me much more fun this compass than just a phone app. Maybe it is because I play to much videogames and in my head it is like having a magical equipment, who knows?

And you, what do you think?

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