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terça-feira, 19 de junho de 2012

Eyes you should see

Eyes are a very interesting part of our bodies, with mega complex functioning and capable to change one entire expression with a slight movement. I said here before how much I like that type of photograph known as macro, those ones focusing in small things, like the texture of something, bugs and things like that. With that said, can you imagine what would be possible to see if you take a picture of eyes in macro?

Suren Manvelyan, a very talented photographer from Armenia, toke those pictures and he did it not only to human eyes but also to eyes of some animals.

The images were so impressive to me, after all we can see deserts, mountains, supernovas, uncanny lakes and whatever else your imagination came up with,  that I decided to take a picture of my own eye just to be sure it was not photoshop. So, make no mistake, it is all real and the last two pictures are mine.

And now, before I let you check the images in peace, just one more thing, there at the links you can go to the website of Mr. Suren and I recommend you to take a look at his other photos, there are some very good ones. Now go, have fun and prepare yourself to maybe never see your eyes the same way again.

▶ Animals 
horse                                                           perk

crocodile                                                           hyena

husky dog
▶ People 

▶ Mine 

--- Links
Suren Manvelyan's website