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quarta-feira, 9 de maio de 2012

Your smartphone in the 80's

In a single device we have, film recorder, radio, camera, television, movie player, the movies, music player, the music, books, apps which may be a virtual finger you can pull to hear a fart (oh, the humankind), calculators, dictionaries, text processors, spreadsheets, recorders, games, and even the oracle I-ching, and we should not forget, telephone.

It all not mentioning the possibility to connect to the internet.

We are in 2012, in almost 30 years all that was combined into something that can go in your pocket. Now, imagine what will be in your pocket in more 30 years. A microwave? A fridge? Your car? A sofa? A computer with artificial intelligence that will try to kill you while you are investigating a mysterious monolith in space? A pizza? Monsters of many types that can say only her names and which we will put to fight against each other for not so logic reasons? A shower? A computer with artificial intelligence that will put us inside his pocket? Will pockets even exist?

We will see.