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quinta-feira, 31 de maio de 2012

Photo or painting?

Usually I don't like much when someone who draws or paints choose to do it searching for the maximum of reality that is possible, after all, if you want so bad to reproduce reality, why not take a picture or something? Of course it is not so simple, even more because a photograph have no message if it only reproduces reality without capturing something of it, so the point is not just about look real.

However, the paintings of Tjalf Sparnaay, from Netherlands, impressed me exactly because they are so real. If we think about it, it is funny how it is like one of those things where something goes all the way to one side and end up transforming into the opposite. In other words, what I mean is that his paintings are so real that end up being surreal.

You can see below some of his paintings, including one of him while painting, and in the links there is more.

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