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sábado, 12 de maio de 2012

London in puddles

Gavin Hammond, as he presents himself, is a writer, producer, musician, photographer, cartoonist, lo-fi filmmaker, poem-maker, internet junkie, and Londoner. In other words, one of those multi artists of these days (crazy person), that, like myself, think it is pretty fun to take pictures of puddles in a way in which the water reflects what is around.

He used this kind of photograph to register scenes and places that portray London. It is interesting to notice that if you turn 180 degrees the pictures you can very well see the puddles on floors, sidewalks and such, but, the way the photos are presented, our heads get confuse not knowing for sure where is the up side, where is the down side, and that together with the way the photo was taken, creates a nice and intelligent surreal effect. I mean, it is nice and intelligent to me, who likes to take pictures of puddles as well, hahaha, I'm not sure if this complete analysis would be interesting, or even useful, to anyone hehehe.

Well, whatever. You can find some of his pictures below and more in the links at the end of the post.

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