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quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2012

8-bit pop-up cards

It all started when I saw a pop-up card from Space Invaders. I ended up searching about this kind of cards and then I got to the website Cubeecraft (they say is pronounced “kyoob-ee”). They have a bunch of templates of those cards em 8-bit style, and also many thing you can do with paper, a printer, a scissor, a hobby knife, and that free time that you don't want to use to do something else.

To make my own card was easier than I imagined, I just had to print the template, cut with the hobby knife the lines they said I should cut, than fold everything and done, there was I, the greatest card artist of the planet.

Below you can see more pictures of the most beautiful pop-up card of the planet (mine one, of course) and the links if you feel like making your own, even if it is just to give to that special person for some reason.

--- Links
Templates of the 8-bit cards
The Cubeecraft website
The Space Invaders pop-up card which started it all