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terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2012

Super Mario Bros. Crossover

If you liked the trailer you should know that this is not only a video, this game is real, made in flash and you can play it for free. Links at the end of the post.

The idea is to play the original Super Mario Bros, with the same design of levels, items, secret passageways and all, but with the possibility to choose other characters of the 8 bit game world. The game has great attention to details, with tutorials, options to graphics, option to save and much more. It is kind impressive to think it was made by one person only, called Jay Pavlina, aka Exploding Rabbit.

In his website you can find out more about the project, about future projects and about how the internet gave him the opportunity to find people that would believe in his work, and besides that you can also get a better scope of this universe of people who create games for free.

And what about you? When you gonna make your game?

--- Links
Play Super Mario Bros. Crossover
Play Super Mario Bros. Crossover, April’s fool edition, Atari version
Exploding Rabbit website
Funny video of Mr. Pavlina playing and commenting his game