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domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Social network for two

There are more than a million popular sayings about the fact that doesn’t matter how many friends you may have and how much intimacy you may have with them, the connection you will have with that special loved one, is always unique. So, what if we have a social network with all the possibilities of a normal social network, like sharing links, photos, comments about things and updates, but made only to 2 people?

Well, it is real, it’s called “Pair”, it’s free and for now is only available to iOS devices. It even has some unique features like a touch function where people can "touch" the other virtually, as the app shows a fingerprint on the screen at the same position where the other is touching, so it is just a matter of touch the same position on the screen. Weird, I know, but interesting.

I think it is funny to think how a social network like this can be so different of what a normal social network most of the time is: a excess of connections and interactions that work much more as a social game of images, where everyone tries to look cooler, better looking and smarter than they really are, all that in an attempt almost paradoxical to have connections where they can be exactly the opposite of this whole image.

That, or perhaps I’m overreacting. Who knows? hahaha

Anyway, if you have and iOS device and are interessed, click here to install the app.