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sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

I know that feel, bro

Chris Gerringer is an illustrator and web designer who created a series of illustrations called “I know that feel, bro”. The idea is to put together two characters from different universes that have something in common, as if they were kind of giving some comfort for knowing not be alone on that agony.

You can see some of these illustrations below and the whole set in the links.

↪ Galactus and Garfield - Can't stop eating

↪ Storm Trooper and Koopa Troop - Expendable Minions

↪ Sonic and Captain Planet - Gotta have rings

↪ Hobbes and Tyler Durden - Being an imaginary friend

↪ Pikachu and The Genie - Itty bitty living space

↪ Aang and Superman - Last of the race

↪ Harry Potter and Batman - Orphaned heroes

↪ Link and Peter Pan - Overbearing fairies

↪ Beaker and Chewbacca - Unintelligible speech

--- Links
Complete set “I know that feel, bro”
Official website of Chris Gerringer