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sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

A hug for a soft drink

What if there was Coca-Cola vending machines that, instead of trading money for coke, would trade hugs for cokes? Would there be marriages between man and vending machines? Coca would go bankruptcy? People with bad intentions, but with lots of love to give, would hug these machines until they could take all the cans to themselves only? Well, the possibilities are many, but using good sense of judgment and a proper marketing strategy, a machine that trade hugs for soft drinks can attract attention of people in positive ways.

In other words, more money to the company, more joy to the world and content to those websites who think it is so amazing when someone has different ideas to make common things (right?).

Ironic self referential jokes aside, the video below shows the reactions to the first machine of the campaign, installed in an university in Singapore.

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