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segunda-feira, 2 de abril de 2012

April 1st - lies, jokes and videos

We can all agree that everyday is a day to play jokes on others, after all take life too serious is not good, but at April 1st companies and great corporations jump in this boat of jokery, scoffery and, why not, son of a bitchnery, telling so many lies.

You can see below a video of one the jokes from Google for this year, Google Maps 8-bit to NES. In the links there are more things from Google, including the whole library of YouTube in DVD, a fake series about the Harry Potter universe made by the guys of IGN, one of those singing fishes based on Admiral Ackbar that not only sings but say “it’s a trap” and more. Have fun.

--- Links
Google Fiber Bar, to you worried about having a heathy life
Gmail Tap, forget the keyboard, typing in Morse code is much better!

List with all the jokes from Google since the year 2000
Admiral Ackbar singing, this one I’m sure will become a real product soon
Fake series based on the Universe of Harry Potter, The Aurors
Crazy tablets from Toshiba
YouTube Collection, all the library of YouTube in DVD at your home!
The ultrabook Sony Vaio Q!