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sexta-feira, 9 de março de 2012

What Google says about that feelings?

Once again using the auto complete function from Google search, that thing that suggests you what you may be willing to search based on what other have typed what you just did, I tried to find out what people usually search when they search about feelings.

If you haven’t read the other times I did, it was only two times, one to discover what Google could tell about what someone usually search when searching about people from other countries and one to know about professions.

As always some weird things came up that I have no idea why someone would search that and so on. Take a look, have fun, try to search some feelings yourself later and wait for me ’cause soon I will be back with another theme to find out what Google can say about it, yes?

■ Love
■ Hate
■ Passion
 ■ Curiosity
 ■ Fascination
 ■ Indifference
■ Anxiety
■ Compassion 
 ■ Hope
 ■ Euphoria
 ■ Melancholia
 ■ Peace
 ■ Tiredness
 ■ Disappointment
 ■ Strength
 ■ Agony
 ■ Conviction
 ■ Courage
 ■ Guilty
 ■ Fear
 ■ Pride
 ■ Shame
 ■ Happiness
 ■ Sadness
 ■ Admiration
 ■ Envy
 ■ Desire
 ■ Need
 ■ Inspiration
 ■ Motivation
 ■ Laziness
 ■ Loneliness
 ■ Emptiness

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