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quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2012

Pencil life forms

Ignoring personal tastes, I can’t always say if something I liked is really to be liked or if I’m just being easily impressed. Whatever is the truth, something that always impress me is when someone gets a common object and use it, or transform it in something completely different. In fact, I think I have said it here before more than one time, but no problem hehehe.

Jennifer Maestre, an artist (crazy person) from South Africa, got a bunch of colored pencils, cut them in pieces of around 2,5 centimeters (or 1 inch, if you prefer), drilled a hole through each one and, passing with a line inside this holes, sewed the sculptures below. If they look like living forms, it is not by chance, that was exactly her idea.

If you like what you see, in the links you can see all of her sculptures and can also know more about the artist.

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