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quinta-feira, 8 de março de 2012

Never Liked It Anyway

People after the end of an affective relationship may be angry, filled with hate and desires of vengeance. Since it is something so common, sooner or later someone would come up with some idea to make money with it.

The name of the website is Never Liked it Anyway and it is a website to sell or buy anything. The idea is to sell that presents or things that you won, or that make you remember, of your ex and now you want the get rid of them. The big deal here is that since the sell is motivated by that previously mentioned feelings the price of everything is lower than it normally would be.

Taking a look at the website I found many things, from a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a lot of jewelry, a notebook and clothes.

So, do you feel like taking advantage of others suffering to save some money? Or maybe you wanna make go away that object that only brings you bad memories? Just click on the image and take a look at the website.