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segunda-feira, 19 de março de 2012

In this globalized, internetized and technologized world of today, people have digital cameras, people have internet and people travel more than never. But, even with all that, people are still people and people once in a while screw up things, as an example, but forgetting the camera with that photos of that travel at the hotel, at the airport, at a bus somewhere, or who knows where else. There is even people who succeeds in losing only SD cards, or an entire bag being the camera and photos the least of the problems.

With the idea to make the world a better and friendly place to our distractions and attention limitations caused by diverse reasons (you can read as “stupidity”), a group of people from Canada, the place the legend tells is where the most kind people in the world live, created the website

It is very simple. If you find a camera somewhere, you take a look at the photos and than you post the ones with people on the website, saying where you find, where you image people may have visited and when you find it. Then, the people who traveled somewhere and lost their camera go to the website, check what was found and who knows maybe find all that pictures they thought they would never see again.

It may amaze you, but the website has a great number of stories where people got back their cameras, pictures and maybe even the faith in the humankind by seeing that is not everyone who will find your camera, delete your photos and simple keep it.

What about you? Did you lost your camera? Or the faith in humankind? Or you just wanna check this better? Just click on the image below.